After living in my apartment for a few years and getting ‘acquainted’ with the neighborhood, I became envious of those who were part of a community garden just a block from my house. I decided to contact the coordinator of the garden and much to my surprise, there was a plot available. Life was pretty crazy for a while until I graduated in December, so my plot lay dormant for a few months, but last month, I was finally able to get out there and get my hands dirty.

The garden is organic and we try to be as natural as possible. We compost our own soil and don’t use pesticides or anything like that. Even my fertilizer is organic. I planted all kinds of things that I look forward to munching on very soon and have already started using some of my herbs. Nothing tastes better than fresh herbs! Anywho, below are some pictures from my very first garden adventure, from seedlings to (hopefully) edible fruits and veggies.

It’s kind of hard to tell which plot is mine but it’s along the path and I have mine separated from my neighbor’s with the bricks. This is when I first planted my seedlings in early March:

This is just a little over a month later and you can see my plants have EXPLODED!! I have some peppers (cayenne, jalapeno and bell), tomatoes, zucchini, cilantro, basil, onions…

This is just another view on the same day as the picture above. I can’t wait till everything is harvested so I can learn how to CAN things!


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