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Medical Emergency

So, I know this blog is supposed to be about my kreative koncoctions that I like to try at home but I want to veer from that for this post to just talk about life. Sometimes we can cling to the idea of being our own “doctor” by coming up with and using our own home remedies but sometimes, in a real pinch, those don’t always work. Sometimes, we need an actual intervention with the good ol’ western doctors…which leads me to today’s post…

In the past few weeks, the BF (if you wonder why I don’t disclose his name, he’s VERY private – isn’t on social media or anything, so I respect his wishes and just refer to him as BF) has had some health issues that were really scary and needed some medical attention.

One day a few weeks ago, he started to feel a little “under the weather” , as if he might be coming down with the flu, except he didn’t really exhibit any flu-like symptoms other than feeling really weak and tired. So, he took a few days off work hoping some extra rest would get him back to normal but he just kept getting worse. One night, I tried to talk him into going to urgent care but he refused and said he’d call his doctor the next morning to schedule an appointment. We make it through the night only to find that his doctor didn’t have any availability that day and so I INSISTED on taking him to urgent care. BF is unbelievably stubborn and nearly refused to go but I think he realized things were NOT normal and he needed to see a professional.

By this point, he can barely stand, walk or get dressed on his own; his energy levels were too low and I’ve never seen him like this before so I’m staying strong and composed but secretly FREAKING out! He refuses to leave the house without a shower so he hops in only to realize that he can barely lift his arms to pick up his sponge and soap up, so I literally had to bathe him, help him get dressed and practically carry him to the car. Now, BF played football in HS and is really built like he belongs on a field; very strong and muscular but you wouldn’t have guessed it that morning; on a lite day he’s 225.

Anyways, I cart him over to our nearest urgent care, where we sit for an eternity in the waiting room (it wasn’t really that long of a wait, but in his state, it felt like forever!). He seems like he’s fading in and out of reality and can barely hold his head up. Finally they call us back, they take his vitals, we see a doc and he orders his sugar to be checked. The meter that they have only counts sugar levels up to 500; anything higher than that they get an “error” reading. Well, he got an error on his readings, which means he was waaaayyy above the normal range of between 70-110. The doctor briefly educated him on his new diagnosis of being a Type 2 Diabetic, gave him some pills and told me to make sure he drinks plenty of water because “he’s really dehydrated”. Looking back, (and other medical professionals have agreed) he should have sent us STRAIGHT to the ER…over 500 is a medical emergency and when we found out his actual numbers, he could have died!

Well, there was no keeping him hydrated that afternoon. When we got home, I tried to get him to drink some water, diet soda, suck on ice chips or anything to get fluid in his body but he couldn’t keep it down. I called urgent care back and the doctor told me, “Get him to an emergency room immediately. They are going to have to admit him for fluids. Tell me which hospital you’re going to and I’ll call ahead to make sure they’re ready for him.” YIKES! That was super scary! When a doctor is that persistent, you know it’s a serious situation.

So, I followed the doctors orders even though BF insisted “I’ll be fine…this is all a coincidence”. At this point, he’s barely lucid and I’m terrified he’s going to slip into a diabetic coma or something.  As soon as we got to the ER, they put in a room almost immediately, got him hooked up to fluids and an insulin drip and started him on the process to getting his sugar lowered. After taking some more precise tests, they found his sugar level to be 950!! As I said earlier, that is a serious situation and he could have died! Many have reminded him (us) that it’s a miracle he doesn’t have any permanent damage (he could have lost his vision, gone into a coma, had other organs shut down, etc.) Thank goodness he’s ok!

So, after the initial visit to the ER, they ended up moving him to ICU for 2-3 nights so his insulin drip could get monitored regularly. Then, he stayed in another room for 2 additional nights. By the time he left, his sugars were down under 250 (still high but not as worrisome as what they were initially). He’s been on some diabetic meds (no insulin at home for now, but we’ll see how much lower his numbers get on the pills; he may need to use insulin to regulate it a little more) as well as blood pressure and cholesterol pills. Slowly, by changing his diet, he’s gotten his numbers to around 150 or so. Hopefully, as he cuts back more and more on his carbs and sugars, he’ll get back to normal.

I share all of this with you guys because I know how some of us that prefer using “natural” remedies can be towards western medicine. I hate taking drugs and would rather make my own creams and ointments than purchase something in a tube that is filled with god-knows-what. But, there are times when a medical emergency arises and we are completely powerless. Nothing I could have done would have made the BF better in his hyperglycemic state; he needed insulin injections to get his sugar levels stabilized. He needed medical professionals to monitor his sugar, take blood samples, etc. to see exactly what was happening to him to make sure there wasn’t something more serious going on. Luckily for us, there wasn’t.

I also want to remind us to listen to our intuition. I mentioned that I wanted BF to go to urgent care the night before all of this happened but he was being stubborn. I wish I wouldn’t have listened. My gut was telling me something wasn’t right with him and that he needed  medical attention immediately. I don’t know what I would have done if he fell asleep that night and never woke (it happens!). We all have a god-given gut instinct that tells us when something isn’t right and I should have listened to mine. Thank goodness nothing worse happened to my sweetie pie. Next time, I will insist he goes to the ER or call an ambulance against his will, whether he agrees or not!

Thanks for listening. I hope that no one has to go through such a nightmare but I’m so glad BF is back home and trying to return to his healthy state. Now, we’re coping with a new diet and trying new recipes. I can’t honestly say that I’m excited about going low carb but hey, maybe it prevent me from becoming diabetic myself! Any recipes you guys swear by for new diabetics?