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OCM Follow Up and Other Blemish Tips!

Follow Up

I created a post a few months back on the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) that I had just started trying. (If you didn’t read the original post, you can find it here, with some great pointers on how to create the perfect recipe for your skin type.) I like to give you guys a follow up after I’ve given the koncoction some time to either work or fail miserably and let you in on any tips that worked for me along the way. I also know y’all are just dying to hear about my personal experience with my koncoctions, waiting with bated breath, right!? 🙂 Well, hopefully some of you have started to try it out for yourselves because I’ve had a great experience!

Now, it honestly took me some time to perfect the formula for my skin. I originally started off with more of an “oily skin” combination of oils, using more castor oil than jojoba oil, because using regular cleansers has always left my skin a bit oily. But after a few weeks, I realized that combo was over drying my skin, so I evened the recipe out to about a 50/50 mixture of jojoba/castor oil. That seems to be working really well. For a few days, as I was trying to find the proper ratio, I added more jojoba than castor oil and that was a disaster. I looked like I was 15 all over again!! Gladly, I found a good combination and I couldn’t be more pleased! So, be patient if you haven’t found the right combo. It may take some time for your skin to adjust to the new cleansing method. You skin may also begin to produce less oil as you stop using traditional cleansers, so as time goes on, you may need to adjust as I did. It definitely takes some patience, but I am very happy with the results and glad that I persevered!

My skin no longer gets oily halfway through the day like it used to! No need for powder or shine-removers! I’ve actually gone several days without wearing any kind of cover up or foundation as well! During my breakout period, I went back to wearing foundation for a few days to try to cover up some of the blemishes, but that seemed to make me breakout even more. Thankfully, it seems like I have the proper combination of castor and jojoba oil that will work for my skin type. I feel like my face is just glowing!

Tips and Tricks

I did, however, come up with a few tips/tricks to tackle those ugly blemishes when they do appear. Even though I believe the OCM works well on it’s own, life happens and stress and eating habits can trigger our hormones in crazy ways. When your body overreacts and you feel like your skin is going through puberty all over again, hopefully you’ll try one or both of these and they’ll get rid of the bumps!

First, use diluted apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a toner after cleansing. ACV is acidic (it may sting your skin a bit the first couple times you use it) but it helps the skin balance out. It also helps shrink pores and remove any remaining dirt from the skin. I use a couple drops (using a recycled medicine dropper) on a wet cotton ball. Thoroughly wipe down your face and you’ll be radiant! The ACV smells like vinegar (duh!) when you apply it, but as it dries, the scent dissipates and you’re left with soft (ACV is a natural conditioner), glowing skin!

Second, after my skin has dried from the diluted ACV toner and typically right before bed, I mix a drop of tea tree oil (TTO) with about a half teaspoon of jojoba oil. Dab with cotton ball or swab onto blemishes. The TTO is anti-bacterial and gets rid of the dirty stuff making you break out and the jojoba oil is lightly moisturizing, so you won’t get too dry from the TTO. (*One thing to note with TTO, though, is that some folks have a sensitivity to it. So before you go dabbing it on your blemishes, make sure you don’t have a sensitivity to it, otherwise the mixture could have an adverse affect.) Very quickly the blemishes dry up and disappear. I noticed that if I do this right before bed, when I wake in the morning the spots have minimized unbelievably! I LOVE this treatment!

Try It and You Will See

These two koncoctions mixed with the OCM have been really great on my skin. Not only do I feel like my skin is balanced and glowing, I also feel like it’s nice a tight. I’m still very young (NEVER ask a woman’s age 😉 ) but I definitely want to prevent premature wrinkles if I can. Oils are very good for your skin, despite marketing ploys to deter us otherwise. You skin needs oil to stay moisturized and younger looking! So, give the OCM a try and if you have problems finding the right balance of oils and get those ugly blemishes, try the ACV toner and/or TTO mixture! Hopefully you find them as helpful as I did!